Monday, November 26, 2012

EFL, Session Six

A nutritionist advises his client to eat a balanced diet: fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat in moderation, grain, etc. Eating just one thing isn't very interesting or very healthy. The Mission Language Lab network has a variety of websites to keep you interested and to keep your mind healthy. Here's today's program: Final "P". This sound is "plosive", or a speech sound produced by complete closure of the lips and subsequent release accompanied by a burst of air. That's air, not sound. When you say "cap", the "p" actually has no sound. Look at the very abstract "Cosmic Composition" by Paul Klee before doing the exercise. Then, let's try the Simple Present Tense from ESL Grammar Practice. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to a Present Simple conversation, Dialogue Workout A.

An article you might find interesting today is "The Stone Age Diet" from Voice of America. Remember, these sessions only give you a suggestion of what you can study. Like a good nutritionist, I try to give you a variety of activities. You can take a day to a week to finish a session, or you may follow a side track and come back to this session. The main thing is to enjoy learning. It doesn't have to be chore.

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