Tuesday, November 27, 2012

EFL Session Seven

Welcome to English as a Foreign Language. You're in the right place for learning English. The human brain has the capacity to learn a new language and speak it as well as the first language. These sessions should help you a lot, and all the materials at Mission Language Lab are carefully selected to aid the English learner. Today's session will be as follows:

1. The pronunciation of Final B.
2. Grammartalk 1, Page 1 - Present Simple and Present Continuous. Remember that you use Present Simple for routine actions or for facts. Use Present Continuous for actions that are in progress in this moment or the near future. This conversation practice illustrates this difference very clearly.
3. Our grammar practice is Present Continuous Writing Practice.
4. Our story for today is Jose's Special Gift. It is a sweet story about a boy who helps his mother and his family by working after school and on weekends at a furniture store.

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