Sunday, November 25, 2012

EFL Session Five

"La Piñata" by Diego Rivera
Welcome to Session Five and the Mission Language Lab network of websites. You will notice that the grammar exercises have paintings on them. When you study the paintings before you do the exercises, it sharpens your mind, relaxes you, and allows you to concentrate better. The reason for that is that art, in addition to being very pleasant to look at, balances your mind and gives you added energy. That's why I place a lot of importance on both art and music. These are necessary subjects for education. They shouldn't be cut from high school or college programs, yet unfortunately they often are. You will see music and art celebrated here at Mission Language Lab and all the sites related to it. There are many articles featuring art, artists, music, musicians, and composers. To get you started today, explore the new articles written by students at the New Mission Journal. There are three articles about important celebrations of Easter and Christmas in Mexico, and Chinese New Year in GuangZhou, China. After you read these stories, you can practice your Basic English Grammar. The lesson for today is changing a present continuous sentence into a present simple tense sentence. It is Present Simple Typing Practice. Make sure you study Picasso's painting "Violin" before you do the exercise.

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