Sunday, November 18, 2012

Learn English and Enjoy It

Imagine yourself on a pathway to a university surrounded by trees where a very good English Class is going to be held. You'll have a chance to practice your new language and enjoy every minute of it! So, make sure you're comfortable, quiet, and as free as possible from distractions.

I'd like to share with you a few links to get you started on your practice for the day. As usual, I like to give you a mixture of activities. Working with one kind of material or exercise can make you tired. Variety is important. We're going to start with something simple: The verb "be" in present tense, negative form. Let's see how you do with it. Remember to look at the picture before you do the exercise. That's very important. Next, let's do some conversation practice: Dialogue Workout 5. It's a simple but typical series of American conversations. Your pronunciation practice today will be Final f. The pronunciation exercise is good for speaking practice and also increasing your vocabulary. I'm sure you'll enjoy this story: Chief Joseph, Great Native American from Voice of America. That's four activities for you: grammar, speaking, pronunciation, and reading/listening. It's a well rounded series of activities for your English session. Enjoy!

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